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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Redefine your cage, or break out!

From Kathy Sierra at Creating Passionate Users comes this wonderful quote:

From a fascinating article in the new print issue of Seed Magazine (my new favorite):

"Eight years after Gould defied the dogma of her field and proved that the primate brain creates new cells, she has gone on to demonstrate that the structure of the brain is incredibly influenced by one's surroundings."

One of the most interesting (and, in hindsight, "doh!") discoveries was that one of the main reasons researchers kept finding NO evidence of new neuron development in their test primates is because they kept them in an environment which shut that process down. In other words, it was the caged-living that stopped the neurogenesis process.

Read the full posting to get all the details.

Then redefine your work space, make your environment life enhancing, not life threatening!

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