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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Public Service - Fraud Alert

As part of our regularly scheduled programming, we now bring you a public service alert.
This has some relevance to me, more so recently since I switched from AOL to gmail as my primary email service. The amount of s p a m that has continued to arrive in the gmail inbox is incredible. The alerts from "my credit union" service to validate my account information has grown. Used to arrive once a day, now multiple times a day. Used to come from some unknown person now I am getting it from Brittany Spears and other celebrities.
Do they think I am more likely to open the email if it is from Brittany?
So finding this on the Secret Service web site was interesting on the one hand; I guess they don't just protect the president and on the other for the nature of the deal these folks are trying to perpetrate.
Read it and be aware. Stay alert!
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Blogger Felix Gerena said ... (6:53 AM) : 

Mr. Sherlock, BrandSoul is happy to announce Passion for the good customer experience has been added to our Blog Roll. In fact, you are the first person with more than one link in our blog roll.

Great job, Steve. ;)


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