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Monday, February 20, 2006

CoComment Role

From Frank Paynter writing at Sandhill Trek comes this confessional on the where's, why's and overall rationale or thought process behind his links or non-links to give credit where it is due. He quotes from Doc:
I think it's both right and responsible for bloggers to point to their sources, especially to other bloggers. It's also essential to recognize the abundance of excellent sources that aren't in some search engine's "A-list". Finding and crediting those sources is one of the things I've always liked best about blogging.
Yes, the web is glorious enabled for links. I admit to getting lost following links sometimes. A bunch of my discoveries are found this way. Maybe Google's search reporting could help me retrace my clicks but there are times that I do not think I could do it the same way twice. And Frank says it politely:
Here's the deal.  Sometimes I get sloppy. 
So here's the opportunity. The blogging tools should be more complete to allow the activity of blogging to become more effortless. 
Blogger does not permit catagories, so I write multiple blogs.
I use Qumana to make this writing easier. I have all the edit, linking capability I had in the Blogger editor and now have tags enabled with a click.
Blogger does not enable trackbacks, so I use Haloscan.
I used to complain about the lack of diversity in Blogger templates but with some searching and help from my readers, I found a new and useful 3-column template.
And along comes CoComment. This slick tool can help Frank keep folks aware of his visits. Frank's audiance maybe able to start reading between the lines of his comments to see what is coming. Oh, that can be scary. I am not sure how far to go on that!
You will see where I go and comment because those comments are now magically captured in the left column. Over time (as more folks use CoComment) then this will get even more interesting as the other comments in the stream on that blog (now, where did I leave that comment?) will be easily trackable. Hurray for CoComment! Comments were not worth much more for tracking than bread crumbs were for Hansel and Gretel.
To help enable the use of CoComment:
1 - get an account.
2 - if your own blogging software has a setting to have comments come up in a pop-up window, change it. CoComment can't handle popup window comments.
Enabling comments to be tracked in your trail around the blogosphere will help folks really see all of your conversations and help you keep track of the conversations you participate in.
Of course, this assumes that you want all those visible. It is your choice to use CoComment when you want (assuming that blogging software is enabled for CoComment).
I endorse CoComment. It helps me live well here on the long tail.
And someday, there is always hope for this eternal optimist, these tools will come in a single package. Now wouldn't that be nice?
Would you add something to this toolkit?
What tool do you use in your daily blogging?
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Comments on "CoComment Role"


Blogger Arieanna said ... (3:12 PM) : 

Great review. I too am so excited about using CoComment. I've been trying to get an account all week and as you can imagine, with the new release of Qumana and all these reviews, it would come in incredibly handy!

I'm sure they'll get me fixed up soon. Until then, sorry if I miss your reply to this comment ;)


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