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Sunday, January 14, 2007

So what about

those Patriots! Way to go. I'll admit the Chargers had some of the better personnel on the field today but they failed to execute. The Patriots were better prepared to execute and that comes from the top!

Shottenheimer's record winning the big won?
Zero. Only 5 wins in 18 post season games.

how did the Chargers lose? They forgot to use their MVP running back and tried to win with a rookie quarterback.

those IBM commercials? I hope those characters are supposed to be working for the company that will turn to IBM for help. Seems to me like they were IBMers. I was about as confused as they were concerned.

that FOX mechanical football transformer that waste screen space? cute first time, doesn't do anything different the zillionth time.

best commercial? whatever beer it was with the rubber floor

2nd best? the horse football game with the zebra doing the review of the play

3rd best? show tell where the kid brought the snow ball into school

absolute worst?
the ads for the movie three hundred...

how did this post come to be?
watched way too much pro football playoff games this weekend... convinced myself (yet again) that not watching during the regular season is a good move. I can think of any number of things to do that would better spent time than watching that regularly.

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