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Monday, January 08, 2007

Performancing while waiting for Qumana

Friends amongst the Joyful Jubilant Learning group spoke highly of the Performancing add-on for Firefox so I am giving it a try. My preference had been to use Qumana but once I went to the new Blogger, it was forced to the sidelines as it doesn't work with that platform. (Never mind that the 3.0 version dropped some features (like colored text) that worked so well in the 2.0 version.)

Anyway, I am giving Performancing a workout tonight. I posted to JJL successfully. Only thing I couldn't do was define the categories for the post. Since I also forgot to put my tag line in, I went into TypePad directly to fix the posting.

My backup plan was to copy the colored and edit text from Performancing to Qumana and use that to post to JJL. I did copy the text over and it seemed like it would work.

We'll see how Performancing does with Blogger.

Any tips or tricks with Performancing that you have come across worth sharing?

Updated: after posting twice to Blogger, I don't like how the line feeds are handled. It was creating too much white space (wasted space) in the postings. I ended up going into Blogger to fix the spacing. Don't want to continue to do that, that defeats the purpose of using a tool like Performancing.

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Comments on "Performancing while waiting for Qumana"


Blogger Jon said ... (5:08 AM) : 

Steve .. just fyi, we are expecting to have a new version of Qumana out in a week or ten days or so that will work effectively with the new version of Blogger


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