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Saturday, September 23, 2006

MelDiva's - A Franklin Gem

You may have heard me talk about stopping at MelDiva's on Saturday mornings when Dolores and I take a walk through downtown Franklin. I picked up a menu (finally) and was pleased to read the story behind MelDiva's.

The Story of the Diva

This is a story of love. It is about a woman and a man, and their love for coffee and people. When Melissa and Owen met, it was love at first sight. They spent hours talking about everything, including their dream and their future together. Notably, it was often over a cup of coffee. They often talked about opening a restaurant, or inn, or tavern where people could meet and discuss politics, economics, world events. It would also be a place where friends would meet to catch up on old times and make plans for the future. They wanted a community gathering place.

That was 20 years ago, and in July 2002 they made their dream come true when the opened MelDiva Coffeehouse. MelDiva is a casual cafe serving the absolute best coffees from around the world. MelDiva's coffee beans are the premier beans of each crop. The beans are harvested, processed, and shipped to their roaster under the most stringent of quality controls possible. Their roaster then roast in small batches, using his vast experience to control the roast and to bring out the most flavor from the bean. You will agree you have never tasted a better cup of coffee.

MelDiva also features true Italian expresso. Blended and roasted to bring out the dark, chocolate-like qualities of the bean. Each shot of expresso is perfectly pulled and served at MelDiva.

Whether you are having a gourmet cup of coffee, a true Italian expresso, or one of the many sandwiches or pastries MelDiva offers, Melissa and Owen hope you enjoy your experience at MelDiva and will tell your friends about it.

Yes, I like it enough to tell you all!

MelDiva is located at 22 East Central Street, Franklin. So if you ever find your way to Franklin, make sure and stop by.

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