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Friday, September 22, 2006

Questions of Synergy - #5

Continuing to answer Rosa Say's questions posted to Team Synergy , this is her fifth and final question:

Personal GOALS: How do you suppose you'll have to change your m.o. to learn with others, and in teams or partnerships? What can't you learn on your own, at least not as well, and not as effectively? What are the goals you're setting for yourself now so you can keep up?

My learning process is continuing to evolve. I was a good student through grammar school, high school and college. I worked for my MBA taking evening courses and holding down my full time position. Fortunately, my company (at the time) was reimbursing my expenses (thank you!) and beginning to benefit from what I learned (that helped!) so it was a win/win situation but it took just over 5 years to complete. I managed to complete my MBA when my first daughter was about 1 and half years old. I distinctly remember looking out the kitchen window to see Dolores playing with Allison in the grass on a sunny May day while I was stuck inside preparing for my final finals. I consoled myself with this fact and returned to the books.
My learning process since my MBA has been less classroom focused and more self directed, self-exploration. Reading has continued to be the single primary source although the nature of the reading has also evolved from hard cover or paperback books to pages on the internet. I recall reading about 40 books one summer between college sessions. (I was working as a night watchman and between rounds could spend time reading, needless to say, something I took advantage of.) More recently, my book reading has slowed to maybe one every 4-5 weeks while my on-line reading has increased to about 80% of the total reading I do.
As mentioned in the answer to the 4th question, the one thing we can only learn from each other is each others story. An aspect of this story, is the discussion on how we as people address change, and what works (or doesn't) with technology. You can read about these when someone publishes a study, but getting the information first hand is priceless. This is of great importance to our quality of life. We need to remove the hassles, especially when they are unnecessary.
My goal is to continue to explore daily. To learn something daily. To make connections wherever possible. To have conversations on what is happening in the world as it relates to business especially with regards to customer service, change management, new technology introductions, collaboration, teamwork, virtual work environments, life long learning, and recently (due to a new work assignment) records management.
What about you?
What are you doing to keep up with it all?
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