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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

National Archives and preserving the conversation

When cruising around doing some research on records management for work, I found the National Archives site and this video. I encourage watching the video. Nicely done.
The same day I found the video, I read Leesa Barnes who asked the question, Who preserves our online conversations?  An example that she closed with was the blog that was discovered kept by the student who was behind the shootings on the Montreal campus. She argued (and I agree) that despite the horror of what he did, we need to keep his records. Aside from the legal arguments for retention to be used in court, keeping his blog helps to record what some people think like today. Granted he is just one individual but if all we kept were the others, future generations looking back would obtain an incomplete view of what we are/were. It is as bad as if we were to try to re-write history ourselves. It should be kept in all its original detail.
Read her full post and let me know what do you think?
Of course, feel free to comment on her posting as well, she did start this.
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