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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I imagine the game

Great quote from Ronaldinho on his role with the Brazlian national team:
"When I train," he says, "one of the things I concentrate on is creating a mental picture of how best to deliver that ball to a teammate, preferably leaving him alone in front of the rival goalkeeper. So what I do, always before a game — always, every night and every day — is try and think up things, imagine plays, which no one else will have thought of, and to do so always bearing in mind the particular strengths of each teammate to whom I am passing the ball. When I construct those plays in my mind, I take into account whether one teammate likes to receive the ball at his feet or ahead of him, if he's good with his head and how he prefers to head the ball, if he's stronger on his right or his left foot. That's my job. That is what I do. I imagine the game."
Tom works magic with this quote and a couple of pictures in his post that I think you should read.
The World Cup begins this week. This will be a special time for soccer/football (soccer in the US and football to the rest of the world).
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