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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Rhodendron Blooming

gradweek_60530 019
Originally uploaded by shersteve.

The rhodendron grows patiently during the year and then seemingly all of a sudden it blooms to shares its color with us humans. It provides a nesting place for birds and necter for the bees. All this from a single plant.

When it blooms, it may catch your attention enough to stop and look.

Managers, are there employees in your group like the rhodendron?

Is there something you can stop and notice to help the employee bloom?

Comments on "Rhodendron Blooming"


Anonymous Ann Handley said ... (1:39 PM) : 

Steve -- The interesting thing about the rhodie is that it sets its buds the previous fall. So creativity and growth is happening beneath the surface far in advance, but it's not in your face until the next spring. So the question might be, to managers: Is there something you can do now to encourage the buds for future blooms, in a way that will WOW you in the future?

(I'm also in Massachusetts -- isn't this a grand time of year?)


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