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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Prime Issue

From Susan Senator at Susan's Blog comes this posting on a good issue:
The primary issue, to me, is not whether to treat, although I know that this is the issue for many. The issue for me is that when some kids' issues improve and others' do not, the parents feel like they have failed. That is the piece that moves me. A good friend of mine who tried many, many things to little avail has confided in me that people have sneered at her that she has not done enough, or has not done it right, or he would be "better" by now. This is the problem with the debate.
Read the full post here.
I think today's environment is helping to foster this debate. We are so looking for the answers, now. What do you mean you don't know? The implication is that somebody does.
Why are the crime shows the rage? They detect the reason behind the travesty, they get their perpetrator. Justice is served.
Are we really served? Or are we really misled?
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