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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

David Wolfe on the DNA of Behavior

David Wolfe writing at Ageless Marketing has a worthwhile series going on the DNA of behavior.

From the opening post:
Famed brain researcher Antonio Damasio reminds us in Descartes’ Error that willful action depends first on attentionality, then on working memory. An ad has to grab a person’s attention before she can think about it. Then the ad must contain enough relevance to her survival scenario that she can keep track of information in the ad as she takes it in, manipulates it and massages the information into final perceptions, concrete thoughts and a final decision.
From the second:

What higher service can you as a marketer provide your customers than to help them recreate themselves through the brands you market? Take legacy – proof that our lives have been worthwhile after we are gone. Concern about legacy grows stronger as we move through the second half of our lives. We pursue temporal continuity through our legacy. That is why wealthy benefactors set up foundations, leave money to worthy causes, and buy naming rights to buildings on college campuses.

Read the third and fourth... and stay tuned for more...

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