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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Little things make a difference

Cooking dinner tonight, I noticed that new the handheld mixer we recently acquired makes it difficult to connect the beaters. They will only fit in a certain way but that way is not guided. For a Black & Decker model, I am disappointed. They usually do better than this.

Another appliance with a little problem is the new coffee maker. Our regular one broke just recently so my wife went out immediately to obtain a new one. She is the coffee drinker in the house and needs her cup in the morning.

The carafe on this one drips. Yes, no matter how you pour from it, the lip drips. You end up with a spot on the counter, or on the floor, which needs to be cleaned every time you pour.

Now these coffee markers have been around for quite sometime. Don't you think they would have figured out to make their carafe not spill while pouring by now? Shame on you Mr. Coffee!

Do you have little annoyances with any of your household appliances?

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