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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Staples Recycling

The morning paper arrived in a plastic bag this morning as usual. What was catching about the bag was the advertisement for Staples. Not that an advertisement is unusual. The plastic bag is arriving more frequently with some promotional sample or coupon enclosed.

The unusual aspect was how it promoted recycling.

Easy to recycle.
Easy to save.

Place your empty cartridge(s) in this bag.
Bring the bag to a cash register at any Staples store.
Get a $3 off coupon every empty you give us.

Staples. That was easy.

Now this is a promotion that works for me:
  1. You reuse the plastic bag. (re-enforces recycling)
  2. You recycle printer ink cartridges. (recycling itself)
  3. You get a reward for doing so! (rewards and re-enforces recycling)

That was easy! Go Staples!

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