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Sunday, May 29, 2005

GEL 2005 - Theo Jansen

Theo Jansen, creator of strandbeests, was one of the few recipients of a well deserved standing ovation at the GEL Conference. What he is doing is almost unbelieveable! I say almost because as simple as it is in concept, it is based upon math, and better yet, the videos on his web site show these creations in action.

Mark Hurst had the opportunity to interview Theo before the conference here.

Theo describes what he is doing:
It's a sort of symbiosis. I live on these beasts - they give me income - and they live on me, because they need me to make them. You could also say they make me make them. It's already a life form that lives in the media. Many people understand what I'm doing without my having told them; even children, they don't know anything about evolution, but when they look at a beach creature they seem to understand what I'm doing. It's strange. Even in nature - butterflies need flowers, and flowers can't work without worms - everything depends on each other. It's a big symbiosis of many creatures. So the beach animals fit in there.

This is one presentation that I am at a loss for words to describe adequately.

You do need to visit the website: strandbeest.com.
You do need to view some of the videos and web cam shots available there.

Then read on how he uses plastic tubing to create these wonderful moving, almost living beasts.

Astounding! Yes, anything is possible!

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