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Friday, November 16, 2007

WGBH Web Site Complaint

I love PBS. I listen regularly to WGBH 89.7 FM for Celtic Sojourn, Folk, and Prairie Home Companion as my top three shows. I don't like the pledge breaks but understand their need and contribute yearly.

The WGBH web site is severely lacking in user friendliness, especially for members.

You can login I suppose and not be a member, which starts the problem. Because when you do login, you are not asked for your member number. You are asked to become a member. But if you already are, that doesn't help.

And if you go from the home page (already logged in) to the Shop to purchase something with you member discount, you get a big banner across the top asking you to become a member to save more. More what? I already am a member and you don't recognize that.

In order to get the member discount you are directed to go to the Member Benefits page and obtain the code. I got into a loop twice but did not find a code. I did find plenty of info on how to become a member and what the membership options are but I already am a member (did I say that already?).

I saved myself further frustration by looking at the membership card I dug out of my wallet and was happy to find the elusive code there. Halleluiah.

Given the hassle of this site, I won't be spending too much time or money here. The member discount was equally offset by the shipping cost.

Oh well....

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