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Friday, November 09, 2007

Five for Friday

1 - This new card has some interesting features but one in particular:
"First, the card itself is anonymous, so it doesn't have the cardholder's name on the card," Jason Hogg, CEO and founder of Revolution Money, told InformationWeek in a recent interview. "Nor does it contain any information about the cardholder in the magnetic stripe."

will likely require changes in the processing at each transaction. Read more about the Revolution card here.

2 - This is too good to believe:
there's still hope for intelligent life on the Internet. A team of software developers is hard at work on a "stupid filter" that promises to do to idiotic online comments what a spam filter does to junk and unwanted e-mail: put it in a place where it can't hurt anyone anymore.

Read the full article here.

3 - Scott Berkun points to a good film to see as a study in project management:
I’ve both seen the film, and have visited the Hermitage (prompting a 2nd viewing of the film). Understanding Russian history helps make the film more than a stunt, as the story can be hard to follow (It’s an abstract and art-y film, both figuratively and literally as it’s shot in an art museum). But even without it, the film is a visual delight and a project management wonder. If you’re a designer or a manager you’ll be in awe even if you only make it through half the film.

Read his full posting here.

4 - A commuter tail well worth reading:
Today was a crowded day on the train. I got a seat no problem, sat down and noticed everyone who was behind me got on fine and got a seat no problem, and there were even seats left over for all the people who would be getting on at the last stop before Boston. One guy though, had to raise a fuss. I've noticed him before because his head looks too small for his body. I know that's rude, but there it is. He's aggressive too, and tends to just shove people out of his way when he gets on the train. I'd never heard him speak though. Today he let this gem fly out of his mouth ( will use "effing," but know he used THE WORD. "effing Greenbush line effthem they don't think Old Colony is important anymore I am so sick of this bullsh*t and taking all our cars I mean what the eff we barely have a place to sit Jesus.I am so effing pissed" He kept up this monologue until the conductor came on then he shut his mouth.

It gets better. Read the full story here.

5 - And finally for today, Cory Doctorow's latest on how big media's restrictions are crimping creativity can be found here.


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