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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

That Cracker Jack® Prize

Well now, how is this for a sweet taste of Sherlock Ho‘okipa (hospitality); I get to guest post on Passion for the Good Customer Experience! Aloha everyone!

Steve could not have picked a better month to welcome me here in his very generous way, for as the author of
Managing with Aloha, I share an aloha-connected value of the month with my community of readers and practitioners, and for the month of July – you guessed it – our value is none other than Ho‘okipa, the Hawaiian value of hospitality.

One of the things I do to keep in my value theme’s mindset is to read books that have similar messages. The book I am reading right now is The Starbucks Experience, written by Dr. Joseph A. Michelli, and in it, he talks about the 5 principles he feels have enabled Starbucks to turn an “ordinary idea into an extraordinary experience,” thereby helping them to turn a cup of coffee into a worldwide business phenomenon.

These are the 5 Principles;

  • Make it your own
  • Everything matters
  • Surprise and delight
  • Embrace resistance
  • Leave your mark

The one I want to talk to you about today is the third one. Dr. Michelli opens that particular chapter this way:

“The idea behind the Surprise and Delight principle isn’t a new one. In fact, one of the most famous commercial examples is more than a hundred years old. In the late 1800s at the World’s Columbian Exposition, Chicago’s first World’s Fair, the Rueckheim brothers delighted young and old with their unique confection consisting of popcorn, peanuts, and molasses. While Cracker Jack® was a consistently popular treat, its appeal increased dramatically in 1912, when a surprise could be found in every package.”

So I was thinking … Steve has no internet access while he is away on vacation in the deep dark woods of Pennsylvania; what say we become the Cracker Jack® Prize he’ll find when he returns?

Steve Sherlock, your host and Mea Ho‘okipa here, is one of the most generous bloggers I know when it comes to writing for us prolifically to share his knowledge, and in supporting other bloggers with his helpful comments. His voice seems to always be there to comfort and encourage us on those days we start to think no one is reading; it is absolutely uncanny how he seems to know we need him.

To a blogger, the absolute best Cracker Jack® Prize that surprises and delights is when a longtime lurking reader finally decides they are comfortable enough to give you their first comment, daring to expose themselves in the very public scrutiny of the blogging community.

That is what I am asking you to do.

In the spirit of your aloha for Steve, and with the ho‘okipa so critically necessary in keeping
any good customer experience alive and well, leave a comment here for Steve between now and when he returns on July 7th.

Be his Cracker Jack® Prize. Even if you have commented for Steve before on another of his blogs, he may not know you read this one, so leave a few words.

Remember, the Cracker Jack® Prize never got eaten!

I’ll post a time or two more about Ho‘okipa before Steve returns, and I hope you’ll keep reading! (hopefully I’ll figure out how to fix these screwy font sizes by then too…)
~ Rosa Say, author of
Managing with Aloha

Postscript: If you are interested, this was my posting on July 1st at www.managingwithaloha.com about the value of hospitality:

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Comments on "That Cracker Jack® Prize"


Blogger Benjamin Bach said ... (9:11 PM) : 

Rosa, this is such a beautiful post. Giving starts the receiving process!


Blogger David Zinger said ... (9:35 PM) : 

Enjoy your time away and keep on coaching for WOW.


Blogger ME Strauss said ... (10:27 PM) : 

Lovely post. But it's as I feared, isn't it? I had heard that you were celebrating hospitality this month, oh dear.

[psst Rosa, liz whispers, that doesn't mean sending Steve away and writing his posts for him. It's a generous thing, but if you do that for everyone soon you will be the only blog writer and all of us will be on vacation.

Oh me, oh my! You see, we can't have your generosity use up that wonderful spirit of yours.]

[Liz rethinks . . . or is Steve hiding behind that curtain? :) ]


Blogger ME Strauss said ... (10:33 PM) : 

Seriously, Steve, congratulations on a well-earned vacation. And Wow! How cool are you to get a rock star like Rosa to post on your blog while you are gone?

This is some really special day -- It's nice to know that you're away from the things that people make enjoying the sky and the trees and the sounds . . . Yea!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:01 AM) : 

What a treat to open email while I, too, am on vacation, and find time to once again, after so long, say hello to Steve (and Rosa too). The past two years have been characterized by wonderful change that has created energy, peace, and joy of living...you know the kind: life suddenly takes on totally new traits and description, and the result is complete renewal and passion for what one has always loved to do. Steve, you helped me so much when I was new at blogging, when I attempted to format and place a picture on Flickr, when I entered a world of communication in which I had never traveled. Thank you over and over. And, after a long period of Internet silence, I awoke to find the end of one blog and the creation and development of another, to mention a few; yet you remembered me. Awesome! Although I am still overwhelemed with the sheer enormity of all of it, thank you so much. And Rose, thank you for keeping the newsletters coming. In these times of world stress, it is so enervating to read conversations among those who have are putting such positive energy into the universe. During the school year, I do it, both with high school and graduate masters students. The summers re-energize me as I visit family, retrace genealogical roots, "play" with friends, and have the time to really read, not scan, what other humans are saying. Keep the words, the thoughts, flowing. You serve in so many ways, and certainly as a parent, son, friend, colleague, and citizen of the world...to keep the conversations stimulating and thoughtful. I often tell others, that although I love California, the eastern woodlands are special for their solace, their special meaning, and for their reminder of the quiet places that still exist.

Judie Pairan


Anonymous EM said ... (1:29 AM) : 

hey there. hope you had a great vacation!


Blogger Trevor Gay said ... (2:55 AM) : 

Hey Steve - Hope you had a great time in the woods and that you managed to avoid the big bad wolf .... greetings buddy from over the pond here in England - Keep it simple Steve



Blogger Reg Adkins said ... (7:40 AM) : 

Hello Steve,
I've just discovered your site via Rosa's nudges. The centralized layout is super!
I've just returned from a vacation in England. I wish I had thought to invites someone to guest for me. I hope you enjoyed your vacation.


Blogger Andrea said ... (10:06 AM) : 

Surprise and delight enriches everyone's life - much beyond marketing. It's what keeps us opening our emails and answering the phone and staying connected with one another via blog posts and invitations like Rosa's. Hope you are having a wonderful vacation, Steve. May you have an abundance of surprise and delight upon your return.

Andrea Learned


Anonymous Carolyn Manning said ... (10:10 AM) : 

Rosa, what a perfect way to start July's theme of hospitality. Certainly I'll join in the fun surprise. As well as gifting Steve, it gives me a chance to get acquainted with this new blog of his.


Anonymous Joanna Young said ... (5:09 PM) : 

Hello Steve

Rosa is absolutely right, comments on our blogs are always a surprise and delight.

I hope you enjoy coming home to some comments from your blog readers, whether regular followers or new visitors, friends old and new alike :)



Anonymous Karen Wallace said ... (7:37 PM) : 

Hi Steve!
I couldn't resist the challenge to come and say g'day :) and leave a little token of my respect. The idea of surprising and delighting you through a swag of comments waiting for you upon your return from your holiday is irresistible!

I'd love to see your face when you first log back into the cyber-world!!!


Blogger Phil Gerbyshak said ... (11:25 PM) : 

Wow, this is quite a prize for our buddy Steve. Little did he know he'd be spending the first days after vacation catching up on comments!

You rock Steve! Hope you enjoyed your vacation. And Rosa, thanks for sharing your spirit with Steve and all of us!


Anonymous toni said ... (12:37 PM) : 

Aloha Steve,

Rosa is right! Your blessed spirit of Aloha and warmth fills so many pages of virtual chapters in, not only your own books, but others as well. How do we tell such a great person that they are an inspiration to all of us? I hope I started to do that now.

Mahalo Rosa for creating this opportunity for all of us to be part of a gift.

Steve, we love and appreciate all that you do!


Anonymous Yvonne DiVita said ... (1:11 PM) : 

Steve, when Rosa wrote to ask this little cracker jack favor, I wasn't at all sure what to do. After all, I need no nudging to comment on good blogs! But, I admit that I have neglected you for too long! It's time regular visits were reinstated. And, no time like the present.

I hope your vacation is all you wish it to be! Do tell, when you get back...


Blogger David E. said ... (4:42 AM) : 

Yvonne mentions that she hasn't visited your site lately. But she comes here and comments. Isn't that one characteristic of a friend? We haven't seen a friend in awhile, but when we do, we pick up in conversation as if we'd seen them yesterday.

As the universe of our online world expands, it becomes more difficult to "keep up." We know however, our friends are there, and that warms our hearts.

For me Steve, you are this kind of person and I suspect you are this kind of person for a great many others as well.

Man Rosa, did I love Cracker Jacks!


Blogger Andrew said ... (10:17 AM) : 

Rosa, cool idea! I certainly hope Steve appreciates the friend he has in you (whether you be just virtual or a f2f acquaintance)!

Steve - I had not seen your site before, but you are now on my RSS feed... now, since I have just returned from vacation as well, here's to "catching up" on those feeds!



Blogger Steve Sherlock said ... (10:33 PM) : 

WOW! Such wonderful greetings indeed to return to. Thank you ALL for stopping by and leaving such wonderful tidbits. And to Rosa, I am so proud to be part of the Ho'ohanna Community. This group takes the whole blogosphere up a notch!


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