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Monday, July 02, 2007

7 Wonders of Learning

The countdown begins!

Join us in our big, hairy, audacious goal to Saturday, 07-07-07 and

Listen, Laugh, Learn, Link, Love, Live, and Leap to Wonder

  • Listen — welcome new ideas and every teacher, listening fully opened
  • Laugh — with the positive and uplifting joy others are ready to give you
  • Learn — with childlike curiosity and in a collaboratively jubilant way
  • Link — use others’ lessons learned as a springboard for your own, sharing your knowledge freely
  • Love — tap into your passion for learning, and be of loving heart in your new bonds with others
  • Live — be a shining example of the Lifelong Learner; “Be the learner you want to see in the world”
  • Leap — to a new experience, stretching past the familiar, accepting leaps of higher intuition.
    Allow learning to transform you, and to bring you to Wonder.

This is the BHAG we are leaping toward:

On 07-07-07 we are determined to collect at least 777 Learning Links, possibly more.

This is a shout-out to all Joyful and Jubilant Learners, readers and writers alike. Will you help us reach our goal? This is what you do:

1. Between now and Saturday, July 07, 2007 take your personal leaps of wonder:

- Listen, Laugh, and Learn as much as you can from the collective wisdom online.
- Link to this post and spread the good word for us!
- If you blog, feel free to grab the smaller banners in our right sidebar to promote the event on your own site, and proclaim yourself as a JJL Contributor.

You will be Loving, Living, and Leaping to wonder as you take these first steps!

2. On (or before) Saturday, July 07, 2007 return here, and enter your favorite 7 Learning Links in the comments. They can be from your own site, or from others. Along with each link, designate which of our JJL Learning categories you feel they best fit into, for we will be compiling them on this master page by category:

Compilation: 7 Wonders of Joyful Jubilant Learning

Our only rule: Keep it positive and clean, in the spirit of our 7 Wonders of Learning, and the aloha spirit this site was founded on by the Ho‘ohana Community. This will be a Learning List for all ages.

We only need 111 comments to achieve our goal ... think we could push for 777 contributions? WOW! That would be 5,439 Learning Links; 5,439 leaps to wonder...

Let’s go for it!

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Comments on "7 Wonders of Learning"


Anonymous Carolyn Manning said ... (10:21 AM) : 

Steve, it's a good thing I came over here today and read this reminder post. Otherwise, '7 Wonders' might have slipped my mind. Saw it at JJL the other day, didn't write it down, forgot about it. Wrote it down this time. :)


Blogger Steve Sherlock said ... (10:19 PM) : 

Thanks for stopping by Carolyn! I'll look for what your 7 links are...


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