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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Notes from the flight to Denver

The TV screens dropped silently from the overhead compartments. The coloring on them is different. Aren't these all the same make/model? This resembles more of a TV show room with competing models than an airline to show its entertainment on screens where the show is different. The closer you sit to the back of the plane the more the difference becomes obvious.

The lady who took the middle seat made quite an entrance. Large Dunkin Donut iced coffees in each hand, a bag on each shoulder, she struggled to get situated. I offered a hand to help with one of the drinks and ended up with both. It took about 5 minutes to settle. Bag under the seat, then pulled out and half emptied into the seat pocket, checking to see that when she put stuff into the seat pocket she could still get at it with the tray table down. I thought to myself I am glad I have the window seat today. She will likely make a few trips to return the coffee deposit.

The scenery out my window is stunning. I was able to pick out some major landmarks. the Finger Lakes, then Lake Michigan. After that, I got "lost". The checkerboard squares stretch away. Broken by ridges and rolling hills intermittently. Many of the squares have a circle inside, for irrigation I think? Square plug in a round hole comes to mind.

The movie ends. I wasn't really watching as my headset didn't work. The stewardess or flight attendant's remark was a gem: "Well that's a problem with these A320's, some of the seats work, some don't and there's nothing we can do about it. Aren't you lucky?" Maybe there is nothing that she can do about it airborne, but I gotta believe somebody can do something about it, like fix it.

The flight had some turbulence. The pilot in one of his updates told us the air traffic controllers told him the turbulence would end when we landed. Chuckle.

When the movie credits rolled, with the seat belt sign on, the number of folks who got up to go to the rear was amazing. The attendant came on the intercom, in her soft and fake voice, and announced that the seat belt sign was still on, that folks who had not gotten up should remain in their seats... etc... but no matter, the folks apparently were in their own world. They got up any way. Were they even listening? or had it been turned off like "Muzak" that you don't want to listen to.

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