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Saturday, May 05, 2007


A good word - "greening". It conveys action in slow motion, green color arising from where there wasn't as the world awakens in spring time.

It even sounds good to say - "greening".

I spent some time along the edges of our greening lawn "lion hunting". The fertilizer guy missed the edges more so than ever before. Now, the dandelions are running rampant. On the one hand, their yellow is beautiful against the green lawn. On the other hand, the greening lawn would appear so much better without them.

Down on hands and knees, bucket ahead of me, long pronged garden tool dips into the soil, between the grass blades, finds the master root of the dandelion and snaps it, I pull up the remains, toss into the bucket and move on.

Such is a lion hunt on a sunny Saturday
with greening lawns and trees in Franklin

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