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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Fancy TV not worth it

The hotel TV is really nice.
Flat screen, wide screen.
High definition picture.

Too bad that in order to get to the local ABC, NBC, CBS or PBS channels you need to navigate through the menu, to the second page, select Local TV, then select a particular station. Once on that station, you can not use the channel change to go up or down the line up.

No channel cruising on this fine looking system allowed!

Yes, you need to go back to the menu, second page, etc.

What is so important about the first page of the menu?

This is where all the charge or pay-per-view items are located. Oh, some of them spill over to the second page as well. But then at the end of that list is the Local TV.

You have to work to get at the free stuff.

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