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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What's with flavor shots?

On our new walking route for Sunday's Dolores and I stop by Dunkin Donuts to get our morning brew on the way home.

She ordered her medium coffee selecting Hazelnut. He poured, covered the cup and gave it to Dolores. I asked for my small Dunkin Dounts coffee and he poured from the same coffee pot.

Surprised by this, I asked: didn't you just pour her Hazelnut from the same pot? And if you did what did I get? Hazelnut or regular?

"Oh, you got regular," he said. "I put a shot of Hazelnut in hers before pouring."

Not one to make a scene, I said thanks, took my change and left.

Outside I find out Dolores' coffee doesn't really taste like Hazelnut. Now I know why.

And this is a company that sells flavored coffee beans or ground coffee in bags by the pound but can't brew their own flavors?

I may be showing my coffee naivety but has anyone else noticed this?

Is anyone else bothered by this?

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