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Sunday, February 25, 2007

New York Times freebie today

Originally uploaded by shersteve.
Yes, the Times is indeed hard up. So much so they have elected to drop not just one but two copies of their Sunday paper, for free, in the driveways and doorsteps of Franklin today (well at least we got two copies).

Odd though that they would pick this particular edition to do so when the paper contains not only the normal Sunday Magazine section but this Women's Fashion section as well. Oh, maybe due to the fashion and spring thoughts it is not SO surprising.

What I am intrigued about though is the prominent text marking this section as "Adult Content".

I would have been attracted to the section with the picture of Robin anyway but what is in here that is "Adult Content"?

Why leave it in the driveway for the kids to bring in and ramble through?

Note: a quick peruse of the photos did not reveal anything unusual... the same old fashion shots. Must be something in the article text so I may give it more of a read later. If I have time.

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