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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Truth in advertising

I have been noticing that the Tom Peters blog is less Tom's postings and more others chiming in. Not that Tom doesn't p0st, he does. In bursts like he usually does (and does well).

A tally of his front page as this day ends shows he was out posted 9-3. He held his own on the second page though; 15-7. The total over the two pages: 18-16 with Tom eking out the edge.

Is this sample statistical? I think it is enough to make the point. How many people go to the second page of a blog? Certainly not the regular visitors. Where they arrive (assuming it is the first page) is where they'll stay.

I don't begrudge Tom any benefits of what he has earned. I own almost all his books so I have contributed to his success (in a small way) and benefited from his insights.

I just think that maybe the time has come to call the blog, the Tom Peters Company Blog. Mind you, he does keep great company. But the blog is no longer just Tom Peters.

Just thinking...

What do you think?

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Comments on "Truth in advertising"


Blogger AJ said ... (9:32 PM) : 

I've noticed the same trend on Tom's blog. I certainly understand the reason (crazy schedule, etc.) but I agree that this has definitely become a company, rather than a personal blog.

And while I do enjoy the other writers, I must admit Im always a tad disappointed to find Tom's posts outnumbered... simply because he has such unique passion and talent.


Anonymous ebook said ... (9:04 AM) : 

I like reading Tom Peters’ thoughts, it’s terrific.

PS: some of his writings, you can download here:


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