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Saturday, January 20, 2007


Check out Seth Godin's vision of Web 4.0 (yes, he goes right by 2.0 to 4.0!) where he says:

I'm booked on a flight from Toledo to Seattle. It's canceled. My phone knows that I'm on the flight, knows that it's canceled and knows what flights I should consider instead. It uses semantic data but it also has permission to interrupt me and tell me about it. Much more important, it knows what my colleagues are doing in response to this event and tells me. 'Follow me' gets a lot easier.

Google watches what I search. It watches what other people like me search. Every day, it shows me things I ought to be searching for that I'm not. And it introduces me to people who are searching for what I'm searching for.

then jump on over to see and participate in the discussion on audio via print books where Tim asks:

Let me just say, I am enjoying the Audio book. I have never listened to an entire book before. This is a new experience for me. But in the process, I am a little frustrated with a few things:

  • As I listen to the book, I hear something interesting or profound and want to capture it. Unfortunately, I'm driving. With a book, as I'm reading, I can underline important portions that I want to remember.
or the discussion on whether video will replace writing where Rosa asks:

The way I see it, video significantly adds to our choices – just as podcasting does – but as a near-total replacement to writing? I don’t think so.

Easy and convenient is not necessarily best.

What do you think?

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