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Monday, October 23, 2006

Franklin Train Accident

This picture from Boston.com shows what happens when a flatbed truck gets stuck in the train crossing and a commuter rail train can't stop in time.

The road crests as the tracks cross it and the truck rode to low to the ground to clear the tracks without getting hung up. Once hung up, the train approaching around a curve had insufficient warning to stop.

Fortunately, the 18 injuries that occured were reported to be minor.

The Boston.com article can be found here.

I ride this line but was already in Boston at the time of this incident.

What I was surprised to see (well not really) is what the MBTA chose to put on their web site about this:

Forge Park/Franklin Line:
A bus shuttle is running between Forge Park and Franklin due to a medical emergency/police action in Franklin. Investigation is ongoing, please allow extra time for your commute or seek commuting options. This busing operation will continue through the evening rush hour on Monday.

All other Commuter Rail service is on or near schedule.

Strictly speaking this was a medical emergency with police action but come on, why can't you say what it really was? An accident that derailed a train!

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