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Thursday, October 12, 2006

DiVita & Peters: Together on Women Marketing Power

Yvonne DiVita writes an open note to Fortune magazine about an article of theirs that hypes women making inroads in major corporations but missing the many women at the smaller companies who make in fact be making more of an impact.

As far as I can see, you're trying to play nice in an area that is growing exponentially - the small business arena for women. But, the real small business owners aren't there. Certainly, not the ones I know - and I know a lot of them. I wanted to participate but... I can't even get anyone at Fortune to answer my emails. Hundreds, no, thousands, of women like me would LOVE to converge on Las Vegas or Houston or NYC to attend a business conference that addresses OUR issues. We aren't doing it because - you aren't including us in your plans or vision. You're into this global thing - which is good - but, you're ignoring a vast resource right here at home.

Be sure to read the full posting, she gets going in this excerpt but doesn't stop just yet.

Tom Peters writes

I insisted that anything short of Fundamental Strategic Re-alignment around the women-boomer-geezer opportunity was, well, stupid. Stupid. Negligent. Whatever.

I've changed my "women's thing" lately—added a third leg to my argument's stool. In the past I've featured (1) women's purchasing power and (2) the attendant need for women's increased leadership role.  ... Hence the "third leg" of my stool is rapidly growing Women's Control of the World Economy.

Be sure to read the rest of Tom's post he is not yet done!

They must be on to something!

What are you doing in your marketing arena? Are you engaging women appropriately?


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