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Monday, October 16, 2006

Milford Regional Medical Center impresses

So often one only hears of the bad service events. I had a good one today and want to share it.

If you have been following my running, you know that I have developed something of a knee problem. It actually started when kneeling at church (of all places) and not running but it still is a problem that I am having checked out. I called my physician last week to get the name of someone to see. The doctor is in sports medicine so that is good. He requires x-rays before the visit which makes sense so I called the local hospital "pre-registration" line today.

Their database is good and quick. She validated some information, confirmed I had not been there for almost two years, and applauded that. She said I must be doing something right.


Then she asked when it would be convenient to come in and mentioned their hours. They are open until 9:00 PM each night so rather than wait any longer I said let's do it tonight.

I went there arriving just after 7:00 PM. Check in was easy. She found my records in the system, printed out a disclosure form to sign and that was it for the paper work. Take a seat please.

Good Eats was on the TV in the waiting room so I did not bother to crack the book I had brought. It finished and UnWrapped just about got into some Italian foods when I got called to go in. A few minutes later the x-rays are done and I am walking out. I drove home and arrived about 90 minutes total round trip. I spent more time on the drive each way than I did in the waiting room and x-ray table combined.

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