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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Falmouth - Guiness Perfect Pint

Originally uploaded by shersteve.

The mark of a good Irish bar is to pour a perfect pint of Guiness. I found one while in Falmouth this past weekend at Liam McGuire's. I was fortunate to visit the Guiness Brewery in Dublin many years ago and hear the story of the perfect pint.

The head of the beer in the glass is the key. If poured properly, you can make your initial in the top of the head and it should still be visible as you work your way down to the bottom of the glass. Now, clearly, if you are going to chug Guiness this won't work. But then Guiness is not meant to be chugged anyway!

My goodness, my Guiness!

Visit Liam McGuire's in Falmouth and you can get a perfect pint.

Note: this was my glass of Guiness and it was GOOD!

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