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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Broken web site

I was interviewed last week for a story on local bloggers that appeared in the Sunday edition of the Milford Daily News. Dolores and I were away this weekend but my daughter managed to pick up a copy of the paper at the local market. Meanwhile away visiting my brother, I tried to find the article on the web site.

The search works nicely. I entered "blog" and it returned quickly with a bunch of results. Scrolling down, I found the article with the reporters name in the 4th result. Clicking on the link gets

Page Not Found: Error 404

Sorry, the page you requested is not available.

Please visit our home page for the latest news and information. Or, visit TownOnline.com to connect with another Eastern MA Community.

If you have any questions, please submit your feedback and select "TownOnline.com" as the site you are referencing.

The TownOnline.com Staff


So I tried reading the link itself (http://www.milforddailynews.com/businessNews/view.bg?articleid=96103) to navigate from the home page to the article. I noted that the URL has "business news". Went to the home page and looked for the business section. There is no business section.

Cool, maybe that is the problem, in any case, I am out of luck today.

Well, maybe because it is Sunday, they don't update their articles to the web site until later. So I tried again later Sunday, then Monday, and Tuesday, and Wednesday. The system was consistent. Same result each time.

By now I was also getting more determined to resolve this. I followed the link to submit my feedback to them this morning. I received an email this afternoon with the following:

Are you still running into this error ? If so, could you be more specific ?

You know there is a problem when the support people don't get it!

I controlled my temper and prepared a good step by step outline of the problem. I even included the pattern that I had been detecting in my research. For each of the results returned in the search, some article links worked and some did not. Each of the ones that did not all had "business news" in the URL. Aha!

I sent that email response back to them this evening. I'll let you know what happens next. I do not expect an answer tonight. It will probably come sometime during the day tomorrow.

Updated 7/27/06 - no answer via email. Web site still broken, the same search results as noted previously are occuring today.

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