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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

GEL 2006 - More than half way

GEL 2006 was held almost two weeks ago and I am still not finished writing up each of the sessions. Yes, there are multiple factors to this effort (work, family, spare time) but bottom line there were 20 speakers during the one day session. Each of them condensed the importance of their life's work into the 5, 10 or 15 minutes that they were allotted. They were effective in their presentations. They created some buzz that day. They may have even had multiple conversations during the next break or during the closing cocktail party. Most of the conversations where likely short, some of them may be continuing via email or phone, etc. I want to do them some justice in capturing what they did in their presentation. They had time to prepare. I will be using some time to recap.
And the question rises: where was the good experience?
For the presenter : the audience and the instant feedback from the presentation.
For the audience : certainly part of it was in the live presentation. Part of it was in the 'after conversation'. Part of it will be for whatever thoughts or actions come from reflecting on the presentation, etc.
Maybe a different question should be asked: What should be the good experience? What should be coming out of these sessions?
Is it enough to view the presentation?
Is it necessary to do some thinking about how they did what they did?
Should we ask how what they did could be used elsewhere?
If we do not, will we find the hidden potential?
Sorry, no answers yet.
Just questions now.
And more food for thought as I pause about midway through the recaps.
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