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Sunday, April 23, 2006

What can you do?

David Wallechinsky asks a great question in the cover story of today's Parade Magazine: Is the American Dream Still Possible? If you did not see this, I suggest you follow the link to read the article.

What Can You Do?

In this (and every) election year, many politicians rev up emotions that keep voters from focusing on the pocketbook and daily-life issues that truly matter. You know what really touches your family and life: The cost of milk, gas and prescription drugs. The quality of schools. The hope that the government will step in fully prepared to keep you safe and secure if a disaster hits your neighborhood.

Don’t leave decision-making and priority-setting to zealots who have an ax to grind—or to the blindly ambitious people who emerge in every generation. For more than 200 years, our system of government has encouraged power to the people. Be an active citizen.
Given the ineptness of the current leadership, the people need to restore the power to themselves.
Be an active citizen!
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