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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ronni Bennett on Leadership

Yes, I got to spend some time talking with Ronni Bennett on women and leadership (amongst others things, of course) but the results of the conversation focusing on the women and leadership part have been posted to the blog Synergy.
Ronni said:
“That's what drove me nuts in the "business" place I worked. There were too many chiefs who had equal say, so confusion reigned. Final calls were not necessarily “final” and any number of people could switch direction of the project even after it was well on its way to completion, requiring weeks - and sometimes months - of starting over. Further confusing and probably contributing to people's lackadaisical attitude toward delivering what they'd promised in the last meeting, was that everyone knew the goal would change at some point, so why bother working at it too hard.”
Click on over and read it.
You have my permission!
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