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Friday, August 05, 2005

Who determines the placement for the toilet roll?

It's Friday and one must finally deal with the tough question. Who determines the placement of the toilet roll in the rest rooms? (Do you really go there for rest? or for relief?)

The rest rooms at my various work places (I go to several sites regularly) all have different placements.

1) Toilet roll on the left or right elbow, depending upon whether the stall has a divider wall or a hard wall? Is it mean to rest your elbow on while sitting? (Maybe this is where they get rest room from?)

2) Toilet roll is a stretch away. I (with long arms) can reach but I image some shorter folks would need to almost stand to reach the roll.

3) Toilet roll is behind you, requiring a twist and turn, watch your back now, to grab the paper and finish your duty.

And then we get into the number of rolls available in these stalls.

1) Sometimes, there is a single box, with a roll visible and another stacked on top of it inside and ready for when the first finishes to drop down to the need at hand.

2) Sometimes, there is just a single roll. You expect that these are places where the cleaning folks come frequently. In the more public places, like along highway rest stops, there tends to be the one GIANT roll that when loaded seems like it would never run out but when you get there is wound down to the end so you wonder if there will be enough for the next guy. Because after that, the next guy is without until the cleaning folks get there whenever.

3) Sometime, you get the double stack with rolls side by side. This is one of the more common arrangements in my work places. Until one site doubled the double stack. Yes, added another double so there are four that stretch out.

This arrangement does provide multiple opportunities. One, the closest serves as the elbow rest. The further serves for the stretch exercise. The two in the middle seem to be the most used. Does someone track the usage? Should I spread my needs amongst the four rolls to provide equal opportunity to all? or simply vote by using the right or left extremes?

So to summarize for this Friday, next time you have an opportunity to sit and rest. When you need to use the paper to finish your duty, think about this.

Where is the toilet roll located?
How easy is it to reach and use?
How many are there?

Let me know. We'll start a survey and see what the results are.

Make it a good Friday!

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