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Monday, August 01, 2005

Solas @ the Lowell Folk Festival 2005

Solas @ the Lowell Folk Festival 2005
Originally uploaded by shersteve.

The Lowell Folk Festival was held this weekend. I only managed to get there on Sunday to catch Solas, a great Irish group. Seamus Egan put together a group of musicians to play at the Festival in 1994, with a few changes they have been together since.

Their performance was well attended even in the light rain that persisted. The rain managed to break for a time to allow some of the dancers to get up in the crowd and do their thing to the good music.

They played some tunes from their new album and some of their older favorites. They were in good form. The Lowell audience appreciated their good work.

Lowell is the largest "free" folk festival in the US. It is a super festival. I have not had the opportunity to attend many of the ticket required festivals but with Lowell around, why?

How does that commercial go?

Parking; $10. Food at one of the ethnic booths; $7. Great music from Solas in the rain; free. The Lowell Folk Festival; priceless!

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