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Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Meaning of Life: Intro by Steve Pavlina

Steve Pavlina has a long posting on The Meaning of Life - Intro.

Well worth the patience to read through it all. Actually, when you are reading it, it takes you in and time passes.

This nugget appears along the way:

Our beliefs act as lenses. These lenses can help us see things we can't otherwise see, but they can also block us from seeing parts of reality. I see a huge part of personal development as the study of these lenses' these belief systems. There are an infinite number of lenses, so the quest never ends, but the more lenses you examine personally, the more you understand about the nature of reality and your role within it.

I have not experienced any organized belief system that is not disempowering in some way. The problem is that they all have a fixed perspective. If you look at reality from any single perspective, you are only perceiving the projection of reality onto your belief system, not reality itself. The more rigid your perspective, the more detail you miss (detail which doesn't fall upon your projection but does fall upon others), and the less of your true potential you're able to tap.

Have you thought about your belief system?

How does it empower or hinder your progress?

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