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Saturday, June 18, 2005

How you can help!

Dave Pollard has a great posting on his blog, How to Save the World.

Now this is a big topic.

Kind of overwhelming.

Where does one begin?

Well, Dave says:
Last week I listed forty actions -- technological, social, entrepreneurial, political -- that could create a new 'tipping point' to restore our planet's, and our, health, and replace the thirty thousand year old, well-intentioned but fatally flawed and unsustainable culture called civilization. These forty actions would undermine civilization and render it obsolete, not by taking us back to hunter-gatherer culture, but by taking us forward to a post-civilization culture in balance and harmony with nature.

This transition to a new culture --which I have called Relater-Sharer culture -- could, I argued yesterday, take decades or even centuries to accomplish. It will start slowly, as more and more of us abandon the existing political, educational, economic, business, religious and media systems and institutions, and build a new culture
Great stuff! Read the full post here.

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