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Friday, June 17, 2005

Rethinking the Production/Delivery Process

Andrew has provided another lead (twice this week) via his posting on "Rethinking the Production/Delivery Process".

SuperFastPizza, from that well known hot bed of pizza (Font du Lac, Wisconsin), is redoing their production and delivery process.
Mobile Pizza Kitchens: Our high-tech Mobile Kitchens are licensed restaurants. We outfit them with Custom Ovens that can cook your pizza at a speedy 600 degrees. Our Mobile Pizza Kitchens utilize the latest in wireless internet technology, and produce enough electricity to power your home. (And they look pretty sporty too!) Remember, we cook your pizza while we drive to you. “30 seconds from our oven to your door” insures your pizza arrives hot every time.

Now that is thinking out of the box!

What can you do to improve your production or delivery process?

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