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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Deaf injustice

From the Boston Globe Magazine today comes this cautionary profile:
Born deaf, Worcester native and former Northeastern professor Jane Fernandes fought her whole life to fit into the hearing world. But after winning appointment as president at all-deaf Gallaudet University, she was rejected by her own community.
Just yesterday, I found the quote from John Maeda, professor at MIT who wrote:

The student made a point about differentiating racism as experienced by immigrant cultures versus indigenous people or victims of slavery. My eyebrows went up when I heard this. "I never thought of this difference." And my eyes suddenly got big. Not that I believe by any means in the validity of a "my racism experience is bigger (worse) than yours" kind of world. I guess until that point I thought of all racism as equally bad. My opinion hasn't changed. But now I can see how people might rightfully feel more pain. I wish there were less.

I guess you can add the deaf community to this list John.

What was that line from the American Revolutionary period?
United we stand, divided we fall
Actually according to wikipedia, it goes back further than that, all the way to Aesop!
Either way, it makes the point that we are more alike than different and we need to be together against injustice.
All for one, one for all!
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