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Friday, September 01, 2006

Tabblo - Slick App Integration

I found Tabblo a couple of weeks ago on the hitchhiker trail and finally got a chance to use it today. We had moved Carolyn into her dorm at Northeastern and while she settled in, I took a bunch of photos.

Came home, dropped them from the camera to our home system. Edited a few, and posted them to flickr.

Logged into Tabblo and was able to "import" copies of all my photos on flickr. I only needed to be logged into my flickr account on the same system. I did not need to re-enter my user name and password.

Selected the photos from today and created a tabblo arranging the photos and text boxes in a manner I thought had some flow to it. Saved it with everyone view access.

Clicked over to the share options within Tabblo and was able to post the Tabblo to my blog. They are only set up for Blogger right now but the other major apps will come some time.

Pretty slick application. This is how something should work!

Note - I did all this on my second try to make a tabblo. I had orginally uploaded the photos directly to tabblo but for some reason one of them would not show as anything other than a grey box on the tabblo itself. Viewed in my photos, they all appeared properly. It took me a bit but I managed to find how to delete the photos. (One at a time as you hover over the photo, the trash can icon appears). I then explored the integration with flickr and voila! Much better.

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