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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Shopping peeve #2

Our local grocery store, Stop and Shop, has a members program; you know the kind, you get a card, using the card, you get a discounted price. The register receipt gives you a summary of your saving for this visit and year to date. Based upon our purchases, we get coupons at the checkout counter, in the mail, you know the routine...

On the receipt today, on the bottom, after the totals, this statement reads:

"The year-to-date savings summary will be reset to zero on January 1, 2006".

This is understandable. The year ends. A new total should start. Truth in advertising. Year to date should be only 2006.

Ah, but the totals have not reset yet.

Did someone realize that it is January 7th?

Or are we on a different calendar?

Hello? What's up?

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