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Monday, January 23, 2006

Qumana Impressions

As you may have noticed I have found and been using Qumana quite frequently recently. Lektora is next in line for consideration. The possibilities of working with the two together enabling postings directly from a RSS link is enticing.
You may recall that I only do this for up to two hours a day so I need to be efficient about what I do to be as productive as I can be. Slow me down and the thoughts just dance away in to the ether some times never to return.
Qumana makes adding tags to the postings ridiculously easy. The standard formatting, spell check, etc. is there. I can italic and indent and it is similar to the quote marking Blogger uses.
But I miss two things. Or maybe the capability is there but I have not found it yet.
1 - to make a link of the post title. This is a nice feature with blogger that I use a lot but have not found out or figured out here in Qumana. If you know how and let me know, it will be appreciated.
2 - to post a draft to blogger so it can be posted "live" at a later time. There probably is a way to save it off to a file but I'd prefer to go direct into draft mode if I could. Helps my work flow. Any suggestions here are also welcome.
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Comments on "Qumana Impressions"


Blogger Tris Hussey said ... (10:01 PM) : 

Thanks for giving Qumana a try. We'll have a new beta that allows for draft posts. As for links in titles ... that's an interesting one.


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