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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

South Station - Advertising Showplace

Commuting into Boston on the commuter rail, I get to see South Station regularly. I have worked in different buildings in downtown Boston so my movement off the train along the platform and through the station has changed over the years.

I used to go all the way through the station to head toward the Post Office Square section.

Currently, my building is located very near South Station so I really don't have to enter the station hall proper. I can move directly from the platform to the sidewalk and I am on my way.

The hall is one of the grand open spaces inside a building in Boston. Probably one of the larger open spaces other than the TD North Garden.

The hall is decorated periodically with banners as one ad campaign or another takes the stage. Apple's iPod made a colorful splash there recently. Now there is a set of banners for Dewars.

Certainly, the color is attractive. It changes the look of the hall from time to time. Whether it is effective to spur the buying of iPods or Dewars is another story.

And there was one place I had not seen an ad until this week. Once or twice a month I take the Silver Line from South Station to South Boston. Returning to South Station, coming up the stairs, I was greeted by a giant Dewars ad. They had cleverly use the stair risers to plaster the ad. From the distance, it was all one. As you approached, the ad view changed and eventually as you took the stair, it changed as you got to see only what was left up the stair ahead of you.

Effective use of space for an ad placement.

Again, whether or not it is an effective ad is another story.

Have you seen ads laid out on the stair risers like this before?

Curious, if this is the first, or if this is old hat and I just happened to catch this one.

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