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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The one thing

I too am a fan of Marcus Buckingham and have the new book on my shelf in queue to be read. After reading this posting by Bronwyn, I may adjust its position in the queue.

I think that many leaders are good (if not great) at creating fear.

Where they fail is creating the security, community, clarity, etc. within which the folks can succeed.

In short, I am an environmentalist.
In the proper environment, created by the team, nurtured by management, the team will succeed. Without the proper environment, it is all a waste of effort.

Try growing grass on solid rock.

Oh, it will grow there eventually. It will take time to build up the detrius and other natural stuff enough to provide room for roots to settle and nourish and grow. But it won't happen tomorrow, or some other foolish leader determined timeline.

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