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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Monday: one of those days

Not sure why, but woke more tired than usual for a Monday morning. Drove to another site for work instead of the normal train ride to Boston. The morning passed well but slowly although in retrospect, lunch did arrive sooner than "normal".

Got to get to have some fun during the afternoon as the group gathered at Kimball Farms in Westford. We were scheduled to play some miniature golf and take a splash with the bumper boats. Alas, the weather decided to intervene and thunder/lightning cut short the mini golf game on the third hole and nix'd the bumper boats. The sundae treat was supersized and served as my main course for dinner although only mid-afternoon.

As a slight headache grew as I drove home, I knew I needed to iron some shirts. The long sleeve dress shirts I splurge and have the cleaners do. The short sleeve casual shirts I iron myself. Set up the ironing board, filled the iron, put on some tunes on the laptop and began to iron.

As the pile of shirts to be done diminished, the wrinkles slowly disappearing under the steam, the headache also began to dissolve.

A rhythm developed. Ensure the shirt was outside out. Start on the right front side, work my way across the front and then around the back until I was back to the front. Finish with the sleeves and collar. Fold on the good stack and reach for the next one.

Tunes float by.

The good pile grows.
The work pile shrinks.

Ahead of the game now, that is, more than enough shirts for tomorrow and the rest of the week, and beyond. I can relax.

Time for bed!

Sleep well all.

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